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Salli Systems, the Finnish saddle chair manufacturer, has started a recycling campaign, where you can get a 200 euro discount on the new Salli Saddle Chair by returning an old chair. Old chairs will be recycled.

The intention is to launch this campaign in March, but the aim is to make this part of Salli’s normal operations in the future.

– Salli chairs are almost eternal, and the chairs can be recycled by replacing the necessary parts and re-upholstering and cushioning, says Antti Ritvonen, CEO of Salli Systems.

Making good together with dealers

Salli’s Finnish dealers have eagerly joined the campaign, and old chairs can currently be returned to 25 dealers in 20 locations across Finland. The process is easy for the consumer, because the chair can be taken to dealers, but alsto to Salli Shop in the Mall of Tripla in Helsinki, to Rautalampi factory, or it can mailed to Salli free of charge.

Returned Salli chairs will be fixed and sold again, and all other chairs will be recycled responsibly with a partner, so almost nothing ends up as waste.

– Of course, the intention is to focus on old office chairs, but we accept everything from milking stools to rocking chairs, promises Antti Ritvonen.

When you buy, buy quality

Salli is a responsible purchase in itself, as it is almost impossible to break. All parts are interchangeable and the chair can be padded and upholstered again. The exceptionally long warranty period, 10 years, also speaks for the durability of the chair.

– We are proud of Salli’s Finnish quality and our continuous product development to improve the chair’s anatomic properties, says Ritvonen.

In its operations this year, Salli Systems places great emphasis on the circular economy and responsible consumption. In January, the Salli Nature saddle chair, which is made of leather left over from the production of other chairs, was added to Salli’s collection. For the time being, Nature is only available in black, but in the future the selection may also include seasonal colors.

– We also have an ongoing project with a hospital to revamp their old chairs, so we take recycling seriously in everything we do, says Ritvonen.

Additional information: Antti Ritvonen, CEO,, +358 50 3120 853

Recycling allowed! Antti Ritvonen and the first barter in Rautalampi factory. Which do you think is better to sit on?

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